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WoooHooo!! 5 Glorious Days off!

... and you know the best part of this is that its just a warm up for when I really go on vacation next week!  I am starting to get a little stressed out about fitting in all the things I want to do when T and I go to Canada.  I think I am just going to break it down into the things I really really want to do.  It is a vacation after all!  First of all we are going to spend some significant time up at the cottage.  That is an absolute must.  I want to make sure I see my cousin Jen and her family.  I have never seen her 3 kids, and I don't even think I have seen her in, wow, close to 8-10 years.  I want to see my cousin Julia's new house.  This intrigues me in particular since there is a potential that T and I may be looking into property in Bayfield in the future.  I want to spend some time with T just walking around town so we can get a feel for it.  We need to weigh trying to jostle for a lot at the cottage, or actually getting a place in Bayfield itself.  That is actually not a bad idea since my cousins Julia, and Sarah.. and her parents all live there.  Next I would like to catch the church service in Bayfield.  My Uncle Bill is the organist there, and my mom will be playing the piano.  There is also a get together happening in Ottawa with a bunch of my friends.  That would be really cool to make!  I am trying to figure out how I can visit and see as many of them as I can.  Also I have to spend some time with my sisters, and of course my nieces and nephews.  I'm sure I will barely recognize them.  I haven't seen Arwen since she was less than a week old... and I can't seem to get anyone to send me any pictures!  I would also like to catch up with LeeAdam, which of course means I need to call him (bad me) and find out if he is going to be around.  I need to try and take some time to take pictures around the house so I  can use them for my christmas gifts for mom and dad.  

And shopping .. I need to go shopping!!  :D

But first of all I need to pace myself with this warm up vacation this week.  I am going to try and finish T's 'Game Day' quilt.  Wish me luck!

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