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Happy Birthday to Me.... !

Well all in all it hasn't been a horrible birthday.. even with Murphy jacking me up!  I am still horribly sick but I have managed to make the best out of it.  We took the dogs to the vet this morning, then dropped the vaccination records to the kennel.  After that we came home and lounged out on the couch.  T went and picked up her mom and brother while I took a nap.  When they got home I did feel a bit better.  We went to her brothers house.  We hung out... played poker and ordered chinese food.  Then while all the adults went to Wall Mart to get a new game I stayed at the house with T's nephew who is hmm.. about 6 or so.. and he gave me a blow by blow account of the movie "Jeepers Creepers" while we did dishes.  His vivid renderings of the bloodshed was a wee bit disturbing!  He is a pretty darn cute kid.  :D  When the adults got home we played Trivial Pursuit "Pop Culture" version. It was actually not bad.  I at least knew a few of the questions and even got a couple cheeses, which may be my best result on that game to date!  I started petering out about 10, and we left for home about 11.  All in all under the circumstances it was not a bad birthday at all!

I am afraid though that I may have made someone sick.  I really really hope its not one of the kids.  T and I had an argument earlier that day because I had suggested that I may stay home.  She just said that it was because I didn't like going over to her brothers... which is soo not true.  I felt a bit stuck, but didn't want to argue with her.  Those of you who know t know that there is just no arguing with her!  lol.  At the least I made her call Greg and let him know that I was sick, and to make sure it was ok if I came over.  I was pretty sure he would say its ok, but I needed to at least give him an option. 

I have a feeling though that I wouldn't have gotten sick if I hadn't been so run down when I came into contact with the person who was sick in the first place.  So here's hoping that everyone had a solid immune system today!  *crosses fingers*

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