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I just can't hang anymore...

I have had to face some harsh realities lately.  I am getting old.... and apparently I have the immune system of a ninety year old!  I can't believe I am still sick.  I have this hacking cough now... and I am still stuffed up.  I medicated myself with 3 different kinds of cold medication just to make it through work last night... just for the joy of having to wear a mask for all patient care *not easy to breathe in*.  I feel like poop.  I am tired and achy, and I just don't wanna take one more step!  So I think I will just sleep in this chair today!

Yeah right... I love my bed...  :P

I have decided to nix my Ottawa trip this weekend.  I hated to do it, but I just don't think I can feasibly get there and be well enough to enjoy the few hours I would have... if I were still conscious!  I also fear taking this killer cold into a house full of children!  

So, I think T and I will just head to the cottage and chill once we get there.  Maybe with some rest I can kick this damn cold.  But first I have to contemplate packing.  I really hate packing.  Does anyone wanna come and pack for me??  :D

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