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Shower Soothers

Ok..  so I decided to go wash my self pity off in a nice steamy shower.  Naturally I had just the 'self indulging' assist item ready for the occasion!  Thanks to the temptation shelves they put next to the check out at Wal Mart, of course.  Shower Soothers by SudaCare!!!  They are these little disks that you put in the bottom of your shower and they release some sort of smell to soothe the ragged nerve.  Anyways they are completely useless from a medical point of view (I originally thought that they would be like a vapor mist decongestant... the packaging was VERY misleading!), but they do have this curious scent.  I sat there ... well stood... and thought...  Where have I smelled that smell before?  I couldn't place it.  The package says it 'releases soothing eucalyptus, menthol & camphor vapors', but I am not sure what the eucalyptus or camphor smell like, and it certainly wasn't menthol.  It finally came to me.  It smells like old lady!  I think my granny used to have something that smelled like that when I was young.  I will have to see if I can figure out what it was... its irritating the heck out of me now.

The good thing is though that it has derailed the 'pitty me' train for a short while though... lol.  Have you ever noticed that nurses really do make the worst patients??  

Wee!!  I smell like old lady!!  lol

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