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Procrastination will kill you....

Well here I am.  Almost a month since my last post, and so much time to cover that I just can't bring myself to do it!  I have therefore decided to sum it up in on fairly short post... lol.

Ok.. where I left off I was still in Canada.  On Tuesday T and I hung out at the cottage alone.  We bought a couple of movies and worked on a puzzle.  It was very relaxing!  On Wednesday we went to Canada's Wonderland with LeeAdam and his boyfriend Gene.  It was alot of fun!  I decided I would try any ride... except for the bungee jump one.  The only one that really freaked me out was a kiddie ride that I was SURE we were going to fall out of.  On Thursday we visited with Debra and her kids at her parents house.  I saw a ton of the pictures from the Ottawa trip.  It looked like a ton of fun!  After lunch we went back to visit Nicole and her kids, then we headed back to the cottage.  Friday we went shopping again.  We visited the quilt shop in Goderich, the Bayberry shop in Stratford, and then a clock shop in hmm... some little village outside of Clinton.  Mom wanted us to look for a wall clock to celebrate our unofficial 'union'.  Ironically earlier that week T and I were talking about getting married in Ontario next summer (I will expand on that on another post).  The Dundass family has historically given a clock to every couple that has married.  I was quite moved when they suggested that we might get one... given our rather unorthodox situation.  Anyways, we decided on one and mom went ahead and bought it.  We ended up leaving it in Ontario to let everyone take a look at it.  That evening we went to the Bayfield fair and checked out the displays.  I had some cotton candy and we caught the children's talent show.  After that we visited my cousin Julia at her house in Bayfield.  It is a really cute place, and her dog is awesome!  On Saturday we went to watch the Bayfield Fair.  That really brought back memories!  We then went to a couple of shops, went back to the cottage and packed, and then made our way back to Atlanta.  It was a really really fun trip, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Two weeks later we trekked (heehee) down to a hotel in downtown Atlanta and took in DragonCon!  It was awesome!!  DragonCon is the largest SciFi/Fantasy convention in possibly the US.  It was great!  We took the dogs to the kennel and just got a room for 3 days.  The Buffy track was the one that we traditionally go for, but we took in several sessions with the Goth track and also a couple of sessions with Firefly/Serenity.  My favorite part was taking in the shopping!!  I ended up getting the mandatory DragonCon Corset... lol.  I also got a Serenity tshirt, and a 'Robin Witch Hunter' tshirt.  T got a couple of knives *shakes head*, 2 Crux Shadows tshirts and a bunch of cd's.  We went to the 'Walk of Fame' which is where the celebrities hang out to sign autographs.  This is where T met her new girlfriend!  lol   T was quite taken by her interaction with Clare Kramer!  I will at some point post the picture that I have of them... lol.  We also got autographs from Ken Feinburg, James Leary, Andy Hallet and Ellen Muth.  We stood in line for almost 2 hours to get autographs from Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk.  With much regret we ended up missing getting an autograph with Nicholas Brendan because he left for the weekend while we were in line for Summer and Alan.  We also went to the Hard Rock Cafe on our last night downtown... man that was some good eating!  Another highlight of the weekend was Saturday night when we went to the Crux Shadows concert.  T has been a huge fan of theirs so she really really liked it.  I have to say that even though I wasn't too sure I would like it.. they give an excellent show!  It turns out that that was the only concert they are putting on in the United States on the tour they kicked off that night.  We had an awesome time at DragonCon and are already planning on making plans to go again next year!

That brings us up last weekend and not much has happened since so I guess I am all caught up for now!


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