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Catching up!

Man!  The effort it is taking to write this darn post!  I have gotten mostly through it twice now and had to abandon it for other things.  But this time... this time will be different!  *crosses fingers*

Let me see... since I last wrote back in September *hangs head*  I have been fairly busy!  

October - Teresa proposed on the 30th at night.  While we were talking in the dark she said some awesome things about me and then slipped the ring on my finger!  We had picked out the ring a couple of weeks earlier, and it was exactly what I wanted.  I love it!.... er her!  lol

November - We decided on an elopement in Ontario, since marriage there is legal.  We chose the elopement route because of our extreme fear of public speaking... and PDA's in general.  The original date of the wedding was supposed to be October 31st.  T is a huge fan of Halloween... lol

December - We visited London, and experienced the city shutting down the first day in forever!  I did take some photos, and one day I will actually put them up here... lol.  I will forever remember Megan diving through the drifts in here little beater car.  Man, that girl has got skills!!

January - We changed the plans for the wedding to a small family only wedding... lol.  We were planning on having a reception the day after, but that has morphed into more of a beach party!  T is already getting wigged at the number of people who are now going to be coming.

February - Valentines day!  I got T some tea accessories (its a new passion), and she got me a bear to match the one I got her years ago!  Its very cute.. :D

March - T has the fever.  She has had the fever for years... just bubbling beneath the surface... but now its amping up!  She has collectively lost 95lbs to this date,  and had promised herself that when she lost 100lbs she was going to get her Mustang.  Oh, and also the 17th was our 10 year anniversary!  I got her a watch, and she got me a bracelet to match the one I got her for our anniversary.  I will have to take a picture of it, since it is hard to describe!

April - T is down to 97-98lbs lost.  She went and finally test drove a mustang that will be pretty close to the one that she wants.  She went ahead and ordered it at the end of the month!  We were told it would take 6 weeks for delivery.

May - My folks visited from London the first week.  It was a good visit!  Mom shopped, Dad read and helped T get the nursery ready (drywalled the garage).  We visited the High Museum of Art and saw the first of 3 installments of the 'Louvre in Atlanta'.  It was pretty cool!  Some really interesting things were on display.  My parents and T's parents met... and it went very very well.  Well except for Mom constantly falling asleep during dinner!  Those late nights with Larry King are finally getting to her!  T's car's build date was set to begin May 7th.  She is most excited!

That brings us up to now.  We are starting to amp up some of the plans for the wedding.  We are really hoping that there won't be too many.  We have it tentatively planned as just an exchange of vows at a very small gathering Friday night... and on Saturday having a barbecue on the lawn for friends and family that would like to show up.  My hopes are for a very low key low stress wedding...  *crosses fingers*

Now here's to me keeping more up to date with this thing!  

; ) 


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