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Procrastination kills...

Well... I am sitting here procrastinating. This morning so far I have had breakfast, checked out some other blogs, and figured out how to put pictures in the body of my post (see below! :D).  I know I should go downstairs and pull out my quilting stuff and take a picture so that I can post a picture of it. It is just too cold right now! Now the fact that I have just said that is just a shame because its like 75 degrees here this morning and the sun is out. There is just a pesky breeze that is still a wee bit brisk for my delicate constitution!

I was also thinking that I should call Nicole and just make sure that she got my email telling her where my blog was. Being a mother of 5 kids under the age of ... er... I dunno.. maybe 7 or 8... she often overlooks checking email!! I can't call her yet though because I have to look through some scrapbooking material she sent down and tell her if I want it or not. I swear I was going to do that as soon as I cleaned the house. Did I mention that I was going to clean the house as soon as it warms up? Oh, and I was going to also go to the hobby shop sometime today to look into getting some stuff that I can use to make party favours for a friends birthday/tax party in two weeks. Yup.. I was going to do that yesterday.

I really was.

Alright... alright... I'm getting up now... sheesh!

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