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You think I would learn...

Yes... I am back to the procrastination thing! Since the last time I was on here I have actually gotten the wedding invites, and party invites out and done... though the latter was much later than I had hoped to have them out!  Now here it is July 27th, less than a month till my wedding on Aug 24th, and I have done next to no planning!  lol  

I really am not too worried about the wedding itself, aside of how to have it worded, because there will be very little to it.  I picture it being more of a casual cocktail party with family members kind of circulating, and appetizers being served.  I have opted for  no wedding type formalities of readings, candles, isles, soloists, bridesmaids, ect... in hopes of keeping it as informal and comfortable for everyone!  I really do want everyone to just enjoy being there with us for the occasion, and not worrying about the role they have to play!  

So what I need to work out is.....
1. What kind of food
2. What kind of cake
3. Drink for toasting
4. How to lead in to the exchange of vows
5. Wording for the vows
6. What in the world T will be wearing!

The bigger problem is the Saturday.  I need to work out the menu for that afternoon.  I hadn't really thought too much about the awkward timing of my get-together.  I made it for 2pm in efforts for it to be mid day so anyone traveling could get there in good time, and able to leave in good time to make it back safely.  It does make it an odd time though.  I guess we could do appetizers for the first bit and have a 3pm eating time?  But that is really an odd time.  Not lunch, and not dinner!  Most of the people I invited though are pretty intelligent though, and I think they can manage to adapt themselves to it adequately!

So what I need to work out is...
1. Menu for the caterer
2. What kind of cake (deja vu?)
3. Activities for kids... there will be some young kids, and I don't want them bored out of their gourds!  lol
4. Fun items to have out about T and I  (CD, Pictures from the wedding perhaps?)
5. Finish off the favors!
6. Figure out what other things I need to sort out!  *sigh*

Maybe after all that is sorted out i will be able to sleep through the night!


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