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Happy New Year!

I figure the best way to start back up is to copy and paste my Christmas Newsletter... which pretty much anyone who is reading this has probably received!  It has a few minor alterations to make it web-worthy... but here goes!!

The first major event for us was our newest family member... the Mustang! T has wanted this damn car since she was 8. She made it a goal for losing 100lbs, and this spring we had to pony up. We picked up our new baby May 24th. I think I actually saw tears in T's eyes. It is ‘Grabber Orange’, and very easy to find in a parking lot!! She is too neurotic to have amateurs do maintenance on it so she changes the oil herself and gives it frequent sponge baths. 

We celebrated the 3 month anniversary of the Mustang by getting married! We tied the knot on August 24th at my parent’s cottage in Bayfield. We had a lovely sunset ceremony planned out in Aunt Rose and Uncle Bills meditation garden, but Mother Nature had her own plans and tried to drown us instead, so it was moved inside my parent’s cottage. My parents have done a lot of work on the cottage in the past year and it looked lovely. There were glitches (like forgetting to carry my bouquet), but in the end it worked out great! The next day we had a reception with some close friends and family. All I can say is that we are going to have to stay married forever because I am not ever going to try and be a part of putting one of those things together ever again! The part I loved was making the invitations and cards. It has taken a while to get them done, but it was so fun to do!! 

The weekend after the wedding we headed back to Atlanta for our honeymoon at DRAGON CON!! Geeks of the world unite!! For those of you who are not familiar with DragonCon.. it is the Atlanta Science Fiction Convention. It was a riot! I just love going there and seeing all the crazy stuff that goes on there. This year we met James Marsters and Juliet Landau, who played Spike and Dru in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We also got a picture with Lori Petty which was pretty cool. One of the greatest things though was meeting Georges who is an Atlanta based comic penciler for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic. He even drew a cartoon of Buffy for us! It was awesome. 

Within a couple of weeks of our return after the ‘Con’, we were awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call telling us that T’s brother, Greg, had a heart attack. At the young age of 39 he suffered a massive MI which led to him needing to be resuscitated by the code team in the parking lot of the hospital. We were relieved that he was brought back without any complications, and released from the hospital within a week! He is now on the Ray lifestyle improvement plan! 

The same week our cat, Buddy, also feel ill. He ended up in the “kitty-ICU” for 2 weeks with Acute Renal Failure. We were taken completely by surprise since he is our youngest cat, and had appeared very healthy till this episode. We have been treating him at home since then. He is not likely to see a full recovery and we will probably end up parting with him soon. 

We are looking forward to celebrating the Mustang’s 7 month anniversary (or is it our wedding’s 4 month anniversary) on Christmas Eve! Either way I am sure it will be very special. The New Year is promising to bring some fun experiences! We are season ticket holders for the University of Georgia’s Women’s Basketball team. They are currently undefeated, and we are hoping for a good solid year from them! We also have tickets to the NCAA Women’s Final Four (final college women’s basketball tournament) in Tampa in April. We have also purchased season tickets to the first official year of the Atlanta WNBA (Women’s Professional Basketball) team! We have our seats all picked out, but don’t know the team’s name, colors, or any of the players for that matter! I am just hoping that it’s not neon pink with the name “The Georgia Peaches”!! It would be the first time in history that the team’s fans jeer their team more than their opponents! 

We hope that this year has seen you all experiencing more good and beautiful than bad and ugly, and that next year your worst day will be as your best day of this year! 

Karysma and Tawse!


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