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Ode to Buddy...

We did end up having to put Buddy down on Dec 20th.  He started getting alot worse the weekend before, and we kept him around just to see if he could bounce back... though we knew he wouldn't.  He stopped eating that weekend, and had alot of difficulty drinking water.  He had trouble walking.. and when he felt like he needed to walk he mostly stumbled.  He slept with one of us pretty much all that week... and really didn't leave the bedroom for most of that time.  We took him in and they gave him a sedative.  Thats pretty much when we left because I couldn't stand to watch him die.  I feel a little bit cowardly for that decision... but I barely made it out of there as it was!  

It wasn't until we were sitting on the floor of the vet's exam room with him that I realized that Buddy was one of the first things that T gave to me.  He gave me the cat in the summer of 1998... and he was one of the kittens that T's brother's cat had here in Georgia.  T drove him down to Florida where I was living at the time.  During that trip the kitty sat up on her shoulder... so she called him 'Buddy for the duration of the trip.  She said that I could change the name once I got there... but I never could think of anything more suitable - even though I thought that the name was very 'country'... lol.  He was a Georgia cat afterall!

It just seemed a little ironic that Buddy got ill shortly after our wedding.  It seemed that he was destined to be our pre-wedding kitty.  He was certainly a unique cat... or catdog as we often referred to him.  He hung mostly with the dogs and acted much as one.

He sure will be missed.


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