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Winter Vacation

T and I have been on vacation this week.  We have been enjoying ourselves by shopping, eating, visiting friends.  It is like a last reprieve before heading back into the monotony of January blah-ness.  I came into this week wanting to organize the study, and have done pretty much everything else but!

Shopping:  I have bought some boots, and T bought some shoes and a sweater at JCPenny with the gift card that John and Susan got us!  *Thanks!!*, I went out and splurged on a winter coat in the Wilson's post-christmas sale.  I ordered a bunch of shirts at Victoria's Secret with the gift card that Greg and Ana gave me.  *Thanks!!*  I went out and had my hair done (holy moses that's expensive!) and got some shampoo on EBay.

Eating:  Yeah... well we have really sacked our 'lifestyle changes' since getting married.  I have gained 15-20lbs since the wedding!  Holy Cow!!  I actually feel pretty gross.  My headaches are back, and I have been having some recurrent problems with acid reflux... both of which had gone away when I changed my diet last time.  We are going to be reverting back to our good eating after this week (we still have a stash of christmas chocolate after all!!).

Visiting Friends:  We have seen a bunch of Lynette, and gone to church a couple times in the last month.  (Hey, that's a lot for us!!)  We are actually going out with Lynette and a few other people to a Japanese hibachi tomorrow night, and Dot should be visiting the day after.

We also watched the Sugarbowl football game between UGA and Hawaii.  It was interesting.  I still don't follow the game completely, but enjoyed it none the less.  I would have to have... the damn thing went till 1AM!!  Last night we trekked back out to the UGA campus to watch the Lady Dogs pulverize Presbyterian.  They are still on a winning streak  13-0.  I worry for them though because their opponents are going to get much more difficult at the end of this month!

All in all its been a fun, stress-free, lazy kind of vacation!  I will be sorry to see it end when I head back to work on Sunday!!

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