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Organization.  To me this is like the Holy Grail of objectives.  It is the one consistent in my life that I am continually trying to achieve.  I have bought books on organization.  I have bought furniture and other items to help me try and organization... they all end up cluttering up the place even more!  I never seem to have enough time to do the things I want to do because I am always trying to get organized first.  Is it any wonder that I always feel like I am chasing my tail?? 

Right now I am sitting in the middle of my study which I should be cleaning.  I am paralyzed by my inability to organize what is lying around me.  The hutch of my desk is full of items of sentimental value that I want to scrapbook.  I had them in neat piles until I needed more space.. then I started just jamming the stuff in there.  Now I can't scrapbook it because its in a mess and I can't see what I have.  Anyways my scrapbooking stuff is either out in the landing in a organizational unit I got to go in the closet that I can't open or I will be crushed by the crap I have been tossing in there!

I just need to start tossing stuff.. I am just not sure where to start!

At the top of the pile I guess!  

I suppose I should start on that now, eh?

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