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Ok... I finally got it together today. I managed to clean the house, mop the floor and do 2 loads of laundry. I even made a decision about the scrapbooks, although I have not called my sister to tell her what it is yet! Last but not least, I finally took some pictures of my first quilt which I am naming "Genesis"... for obvious reasons.   While watching the quilting shows I have noticed that most quilters name their quilts... so I am going to give it a go!   This is the beginning of a journey which I hope I will enjoy for a long long time.  I have really enjoyed it so far!  This quilt has been put together by hand thus far, and I hope to finish it by hand before breaking out my new sewing machine.

So... my questions to the audience are as follows...  

What do I do now?  I know I have to put the squares together, but I am afraid that I have not been true to my quarter inch seam, and it may be off significantly in places.  I think I may have to measure out and draw my sew line onto my squares one by one.  That seam allowance alone has been a learning experience!  I think that using the proper foot on the sewing machine will alleviate that problem as long as I set it up right.  

What kind of fabric should I use as a border, and binding?  There is green in the print, but I don't know if I want to bring that out.  I think I want to stick with the red, blue and tan... but I am open to suggestion!

What kind of fabric should I use on the back?  Again the same problem.  I think that if I had more of the blue pattern I might use that, but since it was in a remnant pile it is probably not available.



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