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It is not a good day.

I am really not in a good mood today.  

Yesterday I called my doctors office to see why I had an appointment today.... cause they never really told me when I set it.  They said it was for a three month check up.  I asked them what for, bloodwork?  (I am on a med that can damage your liver)  They said yeah.  So, I figured that that was why they needed to see me, and I let the appointment stand.  I had a totally obnoxious night at work and then sat outside the doctors office for 45 minutes waiting for my appointment time.  I got in there and they asked me why I was there.  I could have screamed.  The doc checked me out, and then said that he had to code the visit somehow so it would justify the lab work that I wanted done.  Are you shitting me?  I didn't want lab work done.  I wanted to be in bed!


So when I left the receptionist asked me if the doc had told me when he wanted to see me next.  I said that he had not.  So, she said that he would probably want a three month check up.  It was all I could do not to throw something at her.  Needless to say that I do NOT have a follow up appointment set up at this time..


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