April 7th, 2006

Truckin along...

Amazing the difference a day can make!

I did speak with the manager in charge of the Radiology department. I set up an appointment to go and see her, but I am thinking that this is not a direction I want to go in quite yet. They do conscious sedation, PTCA's and angioplasties, which is actually pretty cool, but the radi-nurse is also solely responsible for the patient for the complete time they are in the department. These patients could be on vents, on vasoactive drugs (so far ok), or might be unstable trauma patients from the ED or even worse - unstable pediatric trauma patients (very not ok). Trauma and kids are two things I am definitely not trained for. I am amazed that they would even think that a tele nurse would be able to care for those kinds of patients! Anyways, I am going to think on it another day or so before I call her back to thank her for the opportunity to interview, but kindly decline for now! lol.

I may look further into the heart cath position, but from the things I am learning it is becoming evident that some kind of ICU experience may pay off more in the future. I really was encouraged by the excitement I felt in the interview with the managers of the ICU/CCU at my current hospital. I think that that would be a great experience, and if only I could pick up the hospital and move it closer it might be perfect! 'Cept for that pesky night shift thing which can likely be altered in the future.
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