April 11th, 2006

I almost died today...

Ok.. maybe 'almost died' today is a bit of an exaggeration, but I sure felt like I was going to die!   I woke up at 2pm with a horrendous upper abdominal pain.  I couldn't lie down, I couldn't stand.  It was a sharp pain that was so bad that I couldn't tell if it got worse when I touched it!  I got up and took my blood pressure which was of course really high because I was in distress... lol.  I had some pain in my left arm, but not my right,  so I even ended up taking a couple of NTG (because I am paranoid)!  I took some Pepcid.  Nothing worked!!  I eventually fell back asleep, and when I woke up T was there.  She had the suggestion that I might be passing a gallstone. My pain had eased up a bit and now I realized that my pain was worse with palpation, and my arm hurt more when I moved it.  Actually... this is how that went down... T:  "Does it hurt right here? *poked me in the upper right abdomen* Me: "OWWW!!".  LOL!  She is sadistic!!  ... and ironically would have made an excellent nurse!  Anyways... she had her gallbladder removed about 15 years ago, so she was able to tell me that the pain should let up all of a sudden in about 2-5 hrs.  So... I took a bath and waited... and waited...  We got some excellent tv watching in, when all of a sudden the pain disappeared!  What a relief!!   Man... I just can't believe that I almost went to the hospital for that!!  *shakes head*
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