April 14th, 2006


I am off work tonight!!

I am so excited. I was scheduled to work, but they had too many nurses so I got them to flex me off!  It is particularly awesome since I was going to have to get up early tomorrow and go and help a friend set up for her 'casino party'. Now I can be all rested.. :D   We got balloons, Center pieces, and Loot bags!  It's gonna be awesome!!

Soo.. I was trying to talk my sister into setting up a livejournal today. She is really hardheaded, but I think I finally got through to her. She would be an awesome blogger, and it would really help me keep up with her!  Next ... to tackle my other sister... She is a tougher nut to crack!   (Yes, I DID call you a nut!! :P)   The project I am going to try and tackle after that is getting them to post pictures on their livejournals!  I have to say, getting pictures of my nieces and nephews is a lot of work!!  If this doesn't work I am going to hire someone to stake out their house and take pictures from their car!

I am kind of jealous. They are going out tomorrow night for a 'sister's night'... without me. Sometimes it just sucks living so far away from home! 

It is so hot here these days.  Well, it says its 60 out, but it feels like 85!  It was mid eighties yesterday!  I finally went and took the heating blanket off the bed.  I figured it was about time!

I also put a few more blocks of the quilt together.  I now have 2 sets of 6, and 3 sets of three.  The seams are going to be a mess, but I may try and figure out how to conceal the corner.  Maybe I could sew buttons on them?  T helped me pick out the fabric for the border, backing and binding.  I really like the patterns and colors.  I have some mild hesitation about how its going to go together, but I have decided to just do it and see how it goes!  This quilt is going to be far from perfect!  In any case it is going to keep my feet warm!

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