May 2nd, 2006

Wow.. am I a slacker, or what!!

Well.. I have been horribly busy doing, well, pretty much nothing! T went away to Philly for pretty much all of last week, so I drowned my sorrow in Tivo. I thought it would be awesome having the house to myself for a week, but I hated it! I hadn't remembered how much of my time I spent watching nothing on tv before I met her. Anyways, she came back on thursday, and I ended working thursday, saturday, and sunday. Now here it is tuesday and I'm starting to feel normal again!

I think we may go out shopping today, and possibly dinner and a movie! Uncle R & Jill sent us a gift card to the Olive Garden. It was so thoughtful! I know that doing those little things are the sort of thing that Jill and Uncle Ross would do, but it still took me aback a little. It was very sweet!  They have been trying to get me to go out and visit them, which I would love to do since I haven't seen them in forever, but I have been a wee bit hesitant to do because I vacation with T.  I have difficulty with knowing where I stand with friends and family in regards to my domestic situation.  I certainly don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable in their own homes with us both being there.  Some would say I am paranoid on that particular topic.

Let me see... what else...

I finished piecing together the blocks of the quilt while I was slothing on the couch feeling sorry for myself last week... lol.  T and I had picked out some fabric for the border, backing and binding, but I have since started feeling like I need something else.  The part I have together right now is stars and hearts.  The fabric I have for the rest is flowers.  It seems to busy and complicated!  I may see if I can squeeze a trip to the fabric store in today so I can look around.

I also have bee precepting a new employee for the past 4 shifts.  We have 2 more, but I am already starting to feel frustrated.  She is an experienced nurse and keeps telling me everything that this hospital is doing wrong.  Its starting to get on my nerves.  I know we are ass-backwards in many areas, but I still have to orient her to what we have!  "So quit giving me a speech on everything!!"  I have also been giving her intentionally light loads so that we can get done early and cover some computer and paperwork things that she will have to learn to use.  She can't seem to get done early!  That and she keeps missing small things on her chart checks.  She is really hesitant to take a whole load, but she only has 2 more days left.  She was supposed to be up to a full load 2 days ago!  I can tell now that the last 2 days are not going to go smoothly!

Last but not least... I only have 2 more days left on my old floor.  Once the new nurse is oriented to the floor I am released to move to CCU.  I have contacted them for my new schedule, but I have not heard anything.  I start there in less than a week and I don't know where or when I am to show up!  I am starting to get nervous about the move now.  I should probably start to look through some stuff.  Maybe that will make me feel more comfortable with it.

Ahh well, That is pretty much all there is to catch up on!  I will try and pop in here a bit more often!!  ; )
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