July 2nd, 2006

Weight Loss

I don't know how many of you know that I am actively trying to lose weight at this time.  I have been motivated by my darling T who has lost about 55lbs to date.  She is really looking awesome!  I have been really lucky because I just kinda got pulled in by her tailwind... lol.  I only really have been working on portion control since June 4th, although my diet has been much improved since T started Jan 23rd.  I am happy to say that from January to June I lost about 10lbs, and from June 4th till today I have lost about 7lbs.  It does of course fluctuate, but overall the trend is down, and that is certainly a change for me!  I have been using an online program www.myfooddiary.com, which lets you count not only calories, but also sodium, cholesterol, fats, and a whole bunch of other things!  This has been really cool because as of my last check up, years and years ago, I would label myself with pre-hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity.  How depressing!!  I was only 30ish at that time.  I have of course not had the nerve to go back to the doctor... lol, but I would definitely guess that my cholesterol and sodium must be down!  I am also 4 pounds from moving from 'obese' to 'overweight', which while very depressing still is much better!  I have gone from fast foods 1-2 times a day, to two or three times since January!  Luckily my favourite food (sushi), is essentially still very good for you... though quite expensive.  We are going to have to find a way to learn to make it at home!  I still have much room for improvement, as I have not added a lick of exercise so far.  I know, I know... shame on me!  Also I am really finding it hard to keep up my water intake, which is monitored by my diary... lol.  I have really been enjoying alot of the new foods.  In particular we have adopted a new chili recipe which only has 135 calories per cup.... and more importantly it ROCKS!!  I also love the salads, and fresh veggies.  I have been REALLY REALLY lucky that T is really enjoying discovering new recipes and has been really supportive in keeping those temptation foods out of the house.  I really do see this as a lifestyle change, and I think I have finally found a way to keep the changes stick!

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