July 6th, 2006

First week done!

Well... One week down, and many many more to go!  It went pretty well.  The second night was pretty challenging because I had a critically ill patient that kept me very busy.  Last night (my third night) was really really easy...  mostly because my patient from the night before passed away before I got back.  I ended up with only one patient all night.  He was fairly easy, and I raced to get all my work done early thinking that I would get an admit.  But that admit never came!   So I sat... and I sat... and I sat....   it was awful... lol.  Anyways, the good news out of all this is that I made it through without any major problems, and I now have several days off!  

I would write about something else to try and flesh out this post a bit... but frankly I am exhausted, and my eyes are burning.  So I am off to bed!
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