July 24th, 2006

CoV Weekend

It has been a fun filled weekend of game playing for T and myself.  CoX had a special 'double xp' weekend this past weekend, so we took full advantage of it and played till we had double vision!  It has been a while since we have been that immersed in that game!  T managed to get her first villain, a robots/trap mastermind to 50.  She also managed to get her next villain, an electrical/electrical brute to 24.  I pretty much only got my fire/fire brute to 25, but I had fun!  I don't play as hard as she does, and managed to get alot of tv watching in during that time... lol.  We stayed up late last night wringing the last few minutes we could out of our fast-lvling play. As a result it really really hurt getting up this morning.. but all in all I would say it was worth it!  Perhaps at some point I will take a picture of my new toon for you guys to see.

Anyways, time for a nap!  Catch you guys later..  :D
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