August 6th, 2006

Well that wraps up that 5 days off... lol

Well today I have this wonderful bark, but I feel like I might be getting better.  Unfortunately tomorrow I return to work. That likely means that I will start losing my progress as I start getting run down again.  I hope I don't get sicker over the next  week since I am heading to Canada next friday.  It would figure if I was sick for that too.  I also fear that Teresa might pick it up and be sick for the trip too.  We certainly have alot of driving planned for that first weekend!  I will have to plan on doing nothing but working and sleeping this week and see if I can continue getting better.  I didn't need to medicate myself today, but likely will have to tomorrow to make it through work.

Wow... the topics of my blogs have been a bit, well, icky.  But such has my life been this weekend.  Sleep... eat... watch tv with kleenex... sleep... eat... watch tv with kleenex... *ect*  
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