August 14th, 2006

Awesome Vacation!

Well, here it is... monday evening... and I am sitting at the computer at my aunt's cottage in Ontario!  The trip up was pretty darn good considering how long it was.  We listened to "A Dirty Job" on CD on the way up. It was a really really funny book!  I would not consider it to be 'kid friendly' at all, but very tongue in cheek.  The most important thing was that it kept us laughing!  We ended up getting here saturday, and T and I went to an Argonauts game in Hamilton with my sister and my brother in law's sister.  He left us tickets that were pretty close to the field, and it was a pretty exciting game!  The Argo's won 20-2.  I am still not sure how you can get 2 points in football, but I did learn alot on that trip about the game overall.  I really should watch more of it if I ever plan on remembering any of it.  I really do actually enjoy it when I do take the time to follow it.

Saturday night we got up to the cottage, and in the morning I went to church with my parents and my 3 nieces.  My uncle and my mom played the music for the service, so that was fun to watch.  After the service we went to an Antique Show in town.  There was some really interesting glassware there. All I bought was a few paper 1 and 2 dollar bills.  It was kind of hard explaining to the kids that I was buying money!  After that we walked around town and did a little shopping, and by the time we got home we were pretty tuckered out.  Later that night we hung out with the kids (my sisters 5 kids, and 3 of their cousins... all staying in a tent on the lawn!)  After that my cousin who lives in Saudi through the year brought her kids over.  They were too cute!  I had never met them before so that was really cool.  I looked back on the day and just shook my head.  We stayed here so that I could rest.. and I ended up exhausting myself!  Ahh.. it was all for the greater good.

Today (monday) we woke up a little late... a whopping 9:30am... and kicked around for a while before going over to see my cousins cottage on the other side of town.  We visited for a while and I picked her brain about the logistics of living out of the country and buying a property here.  She actually made it sound do'able!  We then went into town and drove around looking at houses, and seeing what was for sale.  We certainly won't be buying anything immediately, but I really really really would like to get something here eventually.  This evening T and I went walking around the subdivision, and then I came over here and picked my aunt's brain about quilting!  Man, do I have alot ot learn.  It is really interesting so see where other people are in their journey of learning the craft.  She has this wonderful little quilting room upstairs that overlooks the lake.  It must be so calming to go up there and just sew!

The night is not yet over.. and I have to go and rescue T from the kids, but I will catch you up the next time I catch a minute to blog!  

... and that cold is finally gone!
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