January 12th, 2008

Resolutions: Week 1 review

Well.. I have made it to the end of one week after setting my resolutions.  I have managed to lose 2.5lbs *yeah*, keep up with my journaling and food diary, and buy 1 piece of furniture.  I have not done all that well with my financial issues because I bought a piece of furniture.  Actually my main problem is that I have also found 3 more pieces of furniture that I am seriously considering buying... and this is going to make me loose ground with my financial goal!!  lol  I am finding that I am just impatient and want to do everything at once, when what I probably need to do is plan and pace myself.  That little voice in my head keeps telling me that 'the desks are on sale... who knows if they will be later..', but I know that if I get them on sale now and put them on plastic, then the interest I would have to pay would probably surpass what I would save if I just bought them later at retail price.


See??  It's like dealing with a child!!  lol

Anyways, back to my resolutions... lol.  I feel that I was for the most part pretty successful.  What I need to do now is just focus on cleaning and organizing the study *No... I haven't started that yet!*... so that when my furniture gets here on wednesday I can put it in immediately!

That should keep me busy for a while... AND tare of that pesky organizational resolution!!