January 18th, 2008

I am falling apart.

So I get a message from my doctor that I have hypothyroidism and that I need to go on Synthroid (hormone replacement).  Also that my cholesterol has jumped up from 170 to 231, and that it may be related to the hypothyroidism.  I feel so old!  Like my body is breaking down. 
I know that there is nothing that I did to cause the hypothyroidism, and that it is relatively quite common... but that is for other people!  I feel like my body has betrayed me.

I guess that I am mostly upset because this will mean daily medication for the rest of my life in the case that it is a long term affliction... which it usually is.

I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism to see if I had any of them...
1. Poor muscle tone   *not really*
2. Fatigue  *I have been feeling unusually craptastic as of late.. but I was kinda chalking that up to the January blahs.*
3. Cold Intolerance  *um... duh.  No change there*  
4. Constipation.  *I had this a few months back... not so much now.  I know, I know.. TMI.  But this is MY blog!!  :P*
5. Weight gain.  *I have gained about 20lbs since the wedding... but I was also eating more!  lol*
6. Muscle cramps and joint pain.  *I have been having more of this... but I chalked it up to muscle pulls at work - and I still think so!*
7. Brittle fingernails.  *no more than usual*
8. Thin brittle hair.  *not per se*
9.  Paleness.  *um... I am a white chick who works the night shift!!*

... and less often

10. Heat intolerance  *not really*
11. Impaired memory  *all my life*
12. Impaired cognitive function/ inattentiveness  *um... yeah... *hangs head**
13. Hives *no*
14. Migraines  *not to speak of*
15. Slow heart rate, and cardiac output.  *no, and not of last May*
16. Post-prandial hypoglycemia  *no idea... but I don't think so.  All my blood sugar tests have been fine*
17. Pericardial effusions.  *Not as of last May*
18. Sluggish reflexes.  *Actually I would have to classify myself as hyper reflexive*
19. Hair loss.  *not more than normal*
20. Anemia  *no*
21. Anxiety/Panic attacks.  *actually yes... *
22. Difficulty swallowing  *hrmm... again, occasionally, yes*
23. Shortness of breath with a shallow and slow respiratory pattern.  *no*
24. Impaired ventilatory responses to hypercapnia and hypoxia.  *not tested.. obviously!*
25. Increased need for sleep.  *slightly ... perhaps*
26. Irritability and mood instability.  *ahh... I am very moody these days*
27. Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  *not sure*
28.  Yellowing of the skin due to impaired conversion of beta-carotene to Vit A  *no*
29. Impaired renal function with decreased GFR.  *not sure about the GFR, but I believe my B/Cr is normal*
30. Thin, fragile or absent cuticles.  *no*
31. Elevated serum cholesterol  *yes*
32. Acute psychosis  *NO!!... though T might disagree! ; )*
33. Decreased libido  *Heh... slightly... but its sure not gone!  I thought this was from fatigue*
34. Decreased sense of taste and smell.  *no*
35. Puffy face hands and feet  *NO!  I am just big boned!!  :P*

Ok... that was either kinda scary, or I am just seeing these 'everyday problems' in hind sight.  All I know is that my TSH is 6.1, and it is supposed to be less than 5.5.  Last time it was checked (5-4-7) it was 3.09.   It is still not all that elevated, but I am not sure what you normally see with elevated TSHs. They did not do a T3, T4, or FreeT4, and at my last go around they were normal.  Course they could be normal now and I would still have hypothyroidism because the fact is that my body is releasing more Thyroid Stimulating Hormone to keep those hypothetical numbers normal (compensated).  I can't say that I am completely convinced yet, but I guess I will try out the meds and will get my hormone levels retested in 3 months.

So my question now is... how do you remember how to take a daily med 30min before first meal when your daily schedule keeps changing... and you have a bad memory!