February 3rd, 2008

Lady Dawgs

For those of you who are not familiar with the Lady Dogs, the are the Women's College Basketball team from UGA.  T and I have season's tickets to their home games, and we just got back from watching them play Vanderbilt.  They actually lost by 7 points, but lord did they play well!  I really enjoyed the game!  They played really hard.. and it was a really aggressive game with lots of really cool plays.  Ashley really seemed to be enjoying herself.  She played better than I have seen her in a while!  She is just playing with more confidence or something.  Tasha played awesome as usual!  Angela played all out and was really solid.  Megan played really well too, and Angel had a lot better of a night than last Thursday!  The fact that Tasha and Angela both fouled out is more of a reflection of the fact that it was such a physical game!  I think that if they could have made their baskets more consistently they would have won easily!  I can't even count how many of the balls circled the drain... and then popped back out!!

I really enjoyed the game, and am only sad that they aren't playing at home again until the 14th!!


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