March 7th, 2008

Week in Review

Not much has happened this week.  I worked monday thru wednesday nights.  It went fairly well till the last 3 hours of the last shift when I got slammed with a last minute admit who was not doing well at all.  I guess I got her straightened out.. but it left me with a stress headache that lasted until thursday night when I had a really relaxing bath.

Thursday was also the first game of the SEC tournament (women's college basketball conference).  Georgia beat Alabama 71-62.  Tasha seemed to be a little off balance, although Christy was amazing!  Ashley was in till the last minute or so of the game when they brought out Jaleesa!!  It was good to see her get some play time!  The night was topped off by the fact that our bedside tables were delivered!  Finally!!

Today Georgia lost to Kentucky 50-57.  It was a hard game.  Tasha had another hard night.  I think a lot of the other team was focused on her.. which was smart.  Unfortunately no one else was able to compensate for it. Anyways, they are out of the SEC championship for this year, and will have to start to focus on their hunt for a good showing in the final four.

In other news on the basketball front.  Tasha was named to the 'First team All-SEC', Ashley was named to the 'Second team All-SEC', and Angela was named to the 'All freshman team'... for the SEC.  Congrats to them!!  :D
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