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Mission Accomplished!

So we just finished the study!  We had totally more junk than I anticipated... but after filling one and a half garbage cans things are looking a lot better!  I got all my craft and office stuff loaded into the closet.  All the junk is off the furniture and ready for the desks to show up.  The house has been cleaned and vacuumed.  I feel LOADS better!!

The only thing is that I have uncovered two problem areas.  First of all, we have too many books - or not enough shelf space.  I am thinking a little bit of both there.  Second of all, we really really need to go through our pictures.  They are in a crazy mess in three piles up to my thigh in the back bedroom.  I cringe when I think of them.

Ah well, another battle for another day!!

For today I feel GREAT!   ... oh and my new hutch looks very awesome-like!

I will have to post pictures when I get the desks put in there.  ; )

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