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Resolutions: Week 3 review

1. Lose 30 lbs.
I have gone down another 1lb this week.  That makes it 7lbs so far for the year, which I am happy with.

2. Improve my financial standing. (Lets say: Reduce debt by $2000)
I am not doing well here, and am going to have to focus on this area in the upcoming weeks.

3. Keep up with my journal and food diary - at least on a weekly basis.
I am happy with how I am doing here.  I have been doing my food diary on a daily basis, and have blogged at least 3 times a week.

4. Organize 3 rooms in the house in the next 6 months.
Well I have made good progress with this this week.  T and I cleaned out the study this past weekend, and threw out just a ton of stuff, as well as a trip to the Goodwill.  I have uncovered a storage problem with my pictures and books... but I will save that battle for another day!!

5. Get 2 adult furniture pieces. 
I am halfway there already. Awesome, eh!!  ; )

So I would give myself an overall B-!!  Just need to work on #2... AGAIN!!


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