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I can't decide!!

I have come to a point in my career where I need to make a change.  I know I am not going to stay where I am... but where to go!

Last November I applied for a position at a nearby hospital to do work in the Cath Lab (assisting with Cardiac procedures).  I decided this was the way to go since all my experience has been with Cardiac nursing, and also because it would be 4 day shifts a week with no weekends or holidays.  I picked that hospital because it is about 15 minutes away from home.  T has made it very clear that she is tired of me working the night shift, and with the price of gas I probably should think about finding employment closer to home.  Anyways... to make a long story short, they filled the positions before I ever met the woman in charge of hiring.

Skip to February!  I was so fed up with the floor I was working on that I applied for a transfer to the CCU at the same hospital I am currently working at, a 45 min drive away from home.   I applied for that position primarily because two of my colleagues had made the transfer in the previous 6 months and seemed to be loving it down there.  I interviewed for that position in March and I was told at the interview that they would be happy to have me, but I just needed to wait for the manager of my current floor to release me for the transfer.  Have I mentioned that I am fed up with the floor that I am working on?  It is so unbearable down there that almost half of the nurses have left to work else where.  This of course means that my manager can't really let me go because she needs staff too badly!  Here we are in April and I haven't even heard a projected transfer date mentioned.

Then, last friday I received a call from the hospital close to home from a manager of the radiology department, that they got a hold of my resume and were wondering if I would be interested in a job in their department.  That would be a day shift, but might have weekend shifts, but would be close to home.  It would also have the benefit of being a job that wouldn't have dedicated patient loads.  I basically blew it off initially because I had come to terms with the fact that I had accepted the CCU job and would be transferring... well... sometime.

I think that the CCU would likely be the best decision career wise.  The CCU job would be further away, would at least initially mean continuing to work nights, but would also mean more money.  I would be able to work mostly weekdays, with one weekend shift a month.  I would have to work one major, and one minor holiday a year.  I would also retain my seniority and vacation time.  In the long run I think it would make me more marketable.  I would be able to work with people I already know I like and would be more than happy to help me learn new skills.  I also think that that location would be more gay-friendly.  I may not be completely out, but I am mostly out... and I know of at least a few completely out people who work there.  Some of the not so good things would include that it is a higher acuity area, therefore possibly more stressful.  It also may lead to me becoming more confident with my skills, though.  Another drawback is that my current hospital is feeling a financial pinch so they are trying to save money anywhere they can... so there may be cutbacks coming... again.  Of course there is nothing saying that I couldn't change my shift to dayshift in 6 months, or say in a couple of years move out to this hospital anyways.

The nearby job (whether it be radiology, cath lab, or whatever), would be close, daytime, hopefully (but not necessarily) no weekends or holidays.  I am not sure where those jobs would lead to, or whether they are an end in themselves.  I would start over vacation and seniority wise.  I am not sure what my job security would be like.  That hospital, like my own, is also opening another facility, so they may go through some of the same money pinching procedures.  Ultimately it would mean being able to spend more time with T immediately and saving money on gas, and saving wear on the car.  I have absolutely no idea what the working conditions at that hospital are.  I think a move to that hospital would be a gesture of my life coming before my career.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing... lol.

So there we are... I am more confused now than I was when I started this post.  I did send an email to the nurse recruiter at the near hospital asking for more information about that job.  I guess I will leave it at that until I learn more about it.


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