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Atlanta Dream

So I can't remember if I have written about the Atlanta Dream or not.  This is the WNBA expansion team that is starting up in Atlanta this spring.  T and I are very excited and have already purchased seasons tickets with another friend of mine.  We recently found out that the name of the team will be the 'Dream'... and that the colors will be red and sky blue.  It's a relatively benign concoction... so I think I can live with it!  Anyways we now know that we will have the 4th pick in the draft, and we will have the expansion draft next wednesday.  This of course means that by late next week we will know the bulk of our new team members.. and that we will get the fourth pick of the new recruits after the NCAA final four is completed.

It is all very exciting!!  I can't wait to find out who we are going to get.  Go Dream!!                  

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