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Weekend Review

T and I had a good weekend!  She took a vacation day on friday and we mostly messed around on the computers, and did some shopping/errands.  I had been in a particularly bad mood because of situations beyond my control *read:PMS... lol*, and decided I needed something to take my mind off of my general irritation.  I had been lamenting that there were no MMORPG's out that I wanted to play (Massively Multiple Online Role Playing Games).  I love MMORPG's because T and I can play them together.. and because they are always new and interesting.  Anyways we went to Target and were browsing their PC games section when this 15 year old guy behind us suggested SIMS.  He ran a webpage on the game and was a huge fan.  I feigned interest because I had always had a very negative image of that game, but then I noticed that they had a 'Season's' expansion - where you can decorate for the holidays.  You know I can't pass that up!  Anyways, we ended up buying the game and 3 expansions and played it most of the weekend.  It was really really fun!  

Other than that we went to the UGA vs Auburn game yesterday.  This was their second to the last home game... and a really really important one at that!  They played them a month ago and lost by 30 points, and Auburn is and was an unranked team!  That was UGA's biggest loss of the season.  So anyways to move up in the SEC, and help secure their pass to the NCAA playoffs they needed to win this game... and they did!  They played AWESOME for the first 3/4ths of the game.  They had some really good plays!  It was really funny watching Angel and Ashley's moms watching.  Man, does Angel's mom ever get into it!!  It was a good thing that Angel was having a great night!!  Anyways they kinda fell apart in the last 10 minutes, but managed to hold onto the 21pt lead to win it 68-56.  On top of that - Tasha scored 22 points to increase her career points scored with UGA to 2201.  This moved her into the no. 2 spot for highest points scored by any female basketball player while at GA, right after Janet Harris (who I believe played in the 80's)!!  Yeah Tasha!!  ;)

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