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Lost in the ether...

So, here I am.  Back again!  I get backlogged with all the things I want to blog about.. and find that I don't want to do them out of order.  I get hung up on one thing, and get stuck there waiting for either time, or technical support.  Anyways, it has gotten to the point that I don't even remember what I was going to blog about!

So.  These are some of the things I was going to blog about, but will have to settle for mentioning that they did in fact happen.

1. Tornado in Atlanta.  Man, some of the damage was just incredible!  Not by Florida standards... but I had never seen it that bad before!

2. We went to the Women's College Basketball NCAA Tournament, or the 'Final Four'.  It was in Tampa this year, and was a lot of fun - even though Tennessee won... again.

3. T, Dot and I got season's tickets to the Atlanta Dream.  The Dream is the brand new expansion team from the WNBA.  It was a... hrmm... losing season (to say the least)... but we had a lot of fun watching them loose.  T and I discovered Carvel Ice cream.  YUM!

4. We visited London this summer, and had an AWESOME time.  There were some pretty cool pictures taken, and I will try to get some of those posted at some point.  In particular there was this series I took of Megan that was so awesome I am going to scrapbook them at some point.  Yup.  Right after I scrapbook my wedding pictures.

5. We (yes hun, I said 'we' this time) celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately I don't remember what exactly we did... but I am sure it was awesome.  I will confer with my better half and get back to you on that.

6. We went to DragonCon.  It was awesome as usual.  I enjoyed in particular listening to the Firefly panels, and the few panels on Torchwood.

7. We are just wrapping up the fall season of T's Softball.  She hit a 'grand slam' in the second last game and was excited about that for about... well... she is still excited about it!

That's all I can think of to this point.  The topics I have been mulling over in the recent past have been the election, and Palin's part in the whole drama.  The economy has also been catching my attention as of late.  I have been getting really stressed over my personal finances, so this in combination with the spiraling of the economy has encouraged me to increase the number of 'extra shifts' I do at work.  The most surprising discovery for me as of late is that I have realized that I no longer abhor going to work anymore.  I actually like what I do on a good night.  Of course I would much rather stay home... but at least I am not having the anger issues I was having before.

I will endeavor to go into these topics more in the future.. but I thought I would at least pop in here to break the ice and bring this place to the forefront of my attention again.

; ) 

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