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Back to quilting!!

I had 4-5 hours to quilt and watch tv this morning, so I took all those squares and marked on my sew line and started putting them together.  I am definitely learning a lot about this process as I go.  The importance of the 1/4 inch seam allowance has been drilled into my head over and over.  This morning I learned that even with a drawn on line.. I am terrible at sewing in a straight line over any length over about 2 inches!!  It does look home made though so it should be cool.  I only have one 'pouchy seam right now, so all in all I think its going well!

Next process is going to be learning how to  do the batting part.  I will have to start reading on that.  I was watching the "Fons & Porter" quilting show this morning and they did say that it was important do dry it out or something... so they recommended putting it in the dryer first with a dryer sheet.  Hmm... now that I am thinking about it I'm not really sure what the reason for that is!

Anyways, once I get the pieces together I will be sure to post a picture of it.  Perhaps on wednesday I can go and look for some border and backing fabric!  I certainly do love the 'hunt for fabric'!  It seems that every time I go and look for some I get a new idea for something I would like to try!


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