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Welcome to my LiveJournal!!

I am glad to see you here!

I have set up this journal to let my friends and family view my latest projects. Over the last few years I have become interested in scrapbooking, and more recently in quilting! My plan is to use this site to plan out my projects and to encourage interested others to make suggestions on the direction of the same. I am also going to use this site to 'display' my completed projects.

I have completed only one scrapbook so far, but I do have design plans for two more to be completed by the end of this year. I am pretty excited about these books!
The first one is going to be for my dad. He is an art collector and really enjoys his collection. What I am going to try and do is get him to take a picture of each of his pieces and then write something about what each of them means to him, or how he came to own them. In the end I hope for it to be an interesting coffee table item that he will enjoy showing others.
The second is going to be for my mom. She is a long time scrapbooker, and geneologist. She has alot of family heirlooms and other items that she enjoys. This book will take a collection of her most treasured items, and what they mean to her. I guess in spirit it will be her answer to my dad's 'art collection' book.

I began my obsession with quilting a number of years ago when I received my first quilt from my Aunt Carolyn. It is really beautiful and is currently on one of my spare beds! Until recently quilt making has been a 'would like to one day' kind of projects. The only sewing I have ever really done was in grade 7 home ecconomics... so it leaves alot to be desired! This past January I finally bit the bullet and went to a near by quilt store where I picked up some fabric and supplies. I watched a cd lesson on my computer called "Hand piecing with Jinny Beyer", and then set to trying to hand stitch some simple blocks. I now have over 20 simple blocks and am trying to figure out how to put them together to make a small throw blanket. My goal is to try and completely hand stitch my first quilt.
A few weeks ago I also decided to go nuts and buy a sewing machine. I have yet to use it as I am still hand stitching that other quilt. I also bought some primitive pattern fabric that I liked to perhaps incorporate into a wall hanging for my dad. It was just screaming at me in the shop!
I also would like to do some quick and dirty quilts for my neices/nephews. I figure they are good guinie pigs and more importantly not intensely critical... lol! I have asked my sister to list their favourite colours and objects (butterflies, hearts, frogs... whatever). These will likely be my first trials on the sewing machine.
Another project that I am considering is a family tree quilt for my mom. I am interested to try out some photo transfer fabric and literally incorporate that into a tree form. I am thinking that perhaps I can fit in her parents and all their relations. I will have to make the pictures small though!

This is the point where I have tried to stop myself from thinking of new projects in the fear that I will psych myself out!

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