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Happy Mother's Day!!

A big shout-out to all the mothers in the crowd!!     ... what... there are a couple of people out there, of which I do believe at least 2 of them are mothers!   lol

Ok. its been a pretty crazy week.   I finished my first official week on CCU.  I really really like it, although I question my critical thinking skills a bit.  The one thing that comforts me is that I am sure everyone does that's on orientation... and even after that I would think!  My preceptor keeps wanting to go over hospital basics that I am familiar with.  That frustrates me from time to time, but I know that she means well.  She is pretty funny and is willing to review ANYTHING, which is also very cool!  I think that we are going to get along pretty well!  It's actually kind of funny.  I felt great about my week when I was just finished it last thursday night, but since then I have had a growing feeling of 'maybe it didn't go so well' since.  Talk about self sabotage!!  I am eager to get into the second week and see how that goes!  Surprisingly the day shift has been an interesting shift of pace.  I like the fact that you don't lose a day in the 'turn around'.  I was also amazed to find that the commute was actually a little shorter!  One day I will definitely have to give it a try!  

Friday night T and I went out for dinner at "Jillian's" and had a pretty darn good time!  For those who are not familiar with that establishment.. it is basically a vidio game alley with a restaurant.  I spent entirely too much money, but in the end I may be able to afford a nice travel mug with my ticket winnings!!

Saturday night T and I took her mom out for mothers day at a french restaurant.  It was an interesting experience.  I had liver pate and creme brule, which was pretty darn good, but also pretty darn expensive... lol.  As far as life experiences it was worth it though.

This week I am working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I am really looking forward to a long weekend next weekend!  :D

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