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Vacation Time!!

I have my vacation time approved, and lets just say I am ecstatic!!  I will be off of work from Aug 10th till the 21st!  T and I are going to make the pilgrimage to the homeland on the 11th-12th where we will be staying at my parents cottage and doing very little if the gods are favouring us!  I am really looking forward to catching up with alot of relatives.  (I was not able to leave the US for many years while I worked on getting my Greencard, which I finally got last November, and I did visit home in January.... but it was mostly a blur!)  I am hoping that there will be a number of relatives visiting their cottages too.  Some of my cousins have kids I have never met, and others that I have not seen in a long long time!!  I really enjoy the small town that our cottage is in.  Its quiet and quaint, and has some good shoppes.  Plus they have their fair near the end of our planned visit.  One day T and I hope to have a vacation spot there of our own!

We may also be meeting up some friends that I went to highschool with.  That would be a very surreal experience!  I haven't seen many of them in years and years!  Some of them also have children that I have not met!

I am kind of hoping that next year I might be able to take two weeks off in the summer.  We will have to wait and see if that works out!

This should be an awesome vacation!!

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