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Some of you know my issues with the MMORPG game called "City of Heroes".  This was the first multiple player online game I ever played.  The premise of it is that you create a hero that you lvl through gaining experience while completing missions.  It is a fun game that I began playing a couple of years ago.  It took me approximately 8 months of pretty heavy playing to get my first character to lvl 50 (the max lvl).  After that I got a second character to lvl 50 4-5 months after that.  I really really enjoyed the game, and the people I met while gaming.  Shortly after that I started burning out of the game.  I played less and less, and finally ended up playing pretty rarely.  The 'City of Heroes' franchise came out with a second game 'City of Villains' which was not quite as enticing to me... but I did play pretty regularly for a while.  I played a mastermind, which was possibly not the easiest archetype for me to play since I am really really not a multitask-er.  I shortly gave up on that toon secondary to pure frustration, and I have started up a second soloable character that I have actually been playing more.  I have been starting to feel the gaming bug lately and now that orientation is over, and a majority of the website is updated I think I am going to dedicate more time to working on my villain.  What I am hoping for is that server transfers will become a reality soon.  I started playing on one server, but since I have switched to another server to play with a Supergroup there.  My first Supergroup, the one that I joined while playing beta fizzled within the first year.  The biggest problem with that is that my two main heroes are now stuck on a server I no longer play on.  I love my main toon in particular and am really looking forward to some post-50 content for her, but it would be really cool if I could do it on the server that I now know people on.  There have been rumors that this may be a reality in the next update, which will likely be in a few months.  I can't wait!


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