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Silly Argument...

I am completely frustrated!  I just got off the phone with T and we argued about two statements I made, and I am still not sure why.  I said "I didn't mean to sleep this late", and "I wanted to have cereal but there isn't any milk.".  First of all, how stupid is it to argue over dumb things like that.  I still have to shake my head.  Her point is that first of all she is frustrated that I say that I didn't mean to sleep in this late, but still didn't set an alarm clock... so really was that an intention of sleeping late?  Secondly she is frustrated that I say that I want milk, but I should instead just get in my car and drive the 8 minutes and go get some.  I just don't know how to avoid saying things like that in the future.  I really wish I could see that argument from her perspective.

Update:  20 minutes after writing this she called back and  we worked it out... She said that she was just stating why she felt frustrated with me, and was not trying to sound argumentative.  I just felt she was voicing disappointment with me in an argumentative way.  I don't think I take real or perceived criticism very well.

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