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On Religion and being Gay..

I would at one time considered myself a born again Christian, and at some times still do, but I have huge issues with my perception of organized religion.  

I would just like for someone to explain to me how just because I am in love with a woman I am now the object of disdain... because that's how I feel.  You hear stronger words said in the bible about premarital sex, lying and greed than you do about same sex relationships... and how relatively acceptable are they?  The main point that I got out of the Sodom and Gomorrah story was that Lot would sooner have given his 2 virgin daughters to the 'homo's' outside than let them have the 2 strange men that had come to visit.  Neither option would be good (because they would be non-consensual), but apparently violence against women is the better option?

I am in a long term same sex relationship.  I have been in the same relationship for over nine years, and it frustrates me that I have to be extra careful to go through extra measures to make sure that we are safe.  I guess alot of that also comes down to frustration that I have not actually done anything about it yet, but it is so expensive to get a lawyer to get these things done.  God forbid if something happens to T and she were hospitalized... I would have no legal right to visit her, or make decisions for her even though I know she would want me to.  Also we would have none of the other rights that 'next of kin' have.  Her prodigal father has more rights to make decisions for her, legally, than I do... and she hasn't seen him in over 15 years.

I am just tired of being preached to by people who have appeared to live less 'godly' than I have insinuating that I am going to Hell because I choose to share my life with someone of the same sex.  I am not asking THEM to have gay sex or anything...

Whew... rant over.  Don't think this means that I have no room for religion in my life.  I think that the majority of it is invaluable, and I can't really picture my life without any faith structure. The local christian radio station is my preferred music, and I am trying to get the courage up to check out one of the known gay-friendly churches downtown.  I just get frustrated.

... and I really need to get that legal work done.

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