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So you think you can dance?

I really really hate reality shows.... well all but just a couple.  One of the few that I do watch is Fox's "So you think you can dance".  I have always been quite taken with anyone who can really dance, but a couple of these dancers are just spectacular!  I was sad to see Musa kicked off this week.  I just loved his dance this week with Natalie.  I even rewound the show and watched it again!  I know why he was kicked off, but I was really hoping it would be Demetri.  I really think Demetri is going to get a rude awakening next week when the judges can't save him.  He is a good dancer... but an ass.  I am really starting to think that Allison might win the whole thing.  She is fantastic!  I just love to watch her dance... every time she dances.  The dance she and Ivan did this week was breathtaking! She kind of reminds me of Amanda Marshall, except a great dancer.  I would love to see her dance to "Dark Horse".  That would be a great song for her.  Benji as always is a joy to watch.  I have a theory that this show doesn't cause him as much stress as it does some of the other dancers, what with him being pretty well respected already... and Donyelle I think is in the same boat.  She was ready to give it up so anything she does at this point is icing.  They dance like they just love to dance and they put everything they have into their performance.  Unfortunately now that the couples are breaking up I'm not sure that Donyelle will do as well... but I am willing to be wrong on that one.  I do think that Allison or Benji will win it.

But, we shall see!! 

This would be my rank of the top dancers as of now...
Demetri (again, good dancer, but I don't really like him)

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