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I am excited!  I have been longing to spend a little time playing CoH, but have been busy doing work stuff and quilting stuff and tv... and well you get the idea.  Anyways, this weekend they are doing double experience and I will be able to get in there and get some good lvl's!  It doesn't start until later today so I got the downstairs cleaned yesterday, and just have some stuff to do upstairs before I can dedicate myself to this chair!

Have I mentioned that I miss playing Karysma?  Not that I will be playing her this weekend, she is on on another server and her lvl's are maxed for the moment.

I can't remember if I told you exactly who Karysma is.  She is the first name I ever made up for a fictional gaming toon.  I was STUCK for a name... and just was wracking my brain for any ideas.  At the time 'Angel' was still on the air, and I just loved Charysma Carpenter's character 'Cordelia'.  So I guess Karysma is an homage to Charysma.  Ironically I got so wrapped up in CoH at the time that Angel wrapped up its run that I missed the last 3-4 episodes.  I can't wait to get them on DVD... lol.  I did at one time come up with an origin story for Karysma, but it was incomplete.  Perhaps at some point I will actually finish it.  I have since had other 'Karysma' characters in Guild Wars and Dungeons and Dragons Online, but they are definitely not the original 'Karysma'.

"Kinetic Defenders still rock our socks... good think nobody but them knows it."   This was a quote from one of the game analysts who was reviewing all the character types.  I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!!   lol

This is one of my signatures on for the supergroup site.  It has turned out a wee bit distorted, but you get the idea.  The dark side of the picture is a 'print screen' I took on the last night of beta when they had the Rikti invade.  This was a spaceship way above 'Atlas Park'.  I was up there alone since most of the people then did not have the ability to fly.  It was truly amazing.  Real sitings were relatively rare.  The picture on the right was taken in the 'Shadow Shard' where there are only floating islands in this vast sunset.  Below is another picture in the same zone.

I have pretty much adopted 'Karysma' as an alter identity since there are many people online who only know me by this name!  lol


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