Resolutions: Week 4 review

1. Lose 30 lbs.
I have gone down another 2lbs this week.  That makes it 9lbs so far for the year... Woot!!  My weight loss should be slowing down any time now.. but I will enjoy it while it is still happening!!

2. Improve my financial standing. (Lets say: Reduce debt by $2000)
This has been a good week.  I have paid down some bills, and have not spent anything significant.  One step at a time, eh!

3. Keep up with my journal and food diary - at least on a weekly basis.
The journaling has been a little harder this week, but since my goal is only 2-3 times a week I am succeeding!

4. Organize 3 rooms in the house in the next 6 months.
As of today, the study is pretty much done.  The desks were delivered, and are up and look great!  I just need to do something with the great expanses of wall!  We have a couple of picture frames that could go up, as well as a shelf for T's side.  I just need to get the nerve up to make a decision on where to put them!  All in all I am pleased.  I probably won't get to any other rooms any time soon since I have tests coming up at work, and I do want to get to some scrapbooking.

5. Get 2 adult furniture pieces. 
Technically I am done with this resolution.  I have one filing cabinet/hutch combo, and two new desks.  I do however plan to get bedside tables this spring.  So I will let you know how that goes.

That's pretty much it.  It's going well so far!

; )

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Atlanta Dream

So I can't remember if I have written about the Atlanta Dream or not.  This is the WNBA expansion team that is starting up in Atlanta this spring.  T and I are very excited and have already purchased seasons tickets with another friend of mine.  We recently found out that the name of the team will be the 'Dream'... and that the colors will be red and sky blue.  It's a relatively benign concoction... so I think I can live with it!  Anyways we now know that we will have the 4th pick in the draft, and we will have the expansion draft next wednesday.  This of course means that by late next week we will know the bulk of our new team members.. and that we will get the fourth pick of the new recruits after the NCAA final four is completed.

It is all very exciting!!  I can't wait to find out who we are going to get.  Go Dream!!                  
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My Favorite Pictures

I have decided that when I don't know what to post here I am just going to find a picture I love and post that instead!!  

So, to kick it off I am going to post this picture of a bouquet of very unusual flowers that T and I got from Kevin, Heather and their kids for our wedding.  They were absolutely gorgeous, and I took them out to take pictures of them just before sunset and they looked awesome!!  I think this picture was taken the day after our wedding.  We left for London shortly after that and then went back to the States, so mom took them over to a lady she knew in a nursing home.  I am sure she loved looking at them as much as we did!!  

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Productive day!

Well, we finally got the study put back together at about 2:30am... WITH the desks!!  They look awesome!  I was worried that they would clash with the walls, but they go pretty well.  We still need to do some odds and ends... like hang curtains, find a rolling mat for the chairs, figure out what furniture to get for the back wall, and find something to hang on the wall!  All in all it looks pretty awesome!  

I also got started on my Synthroid yesterday.  I know... I only put it off for a week.. but there you go!

Today we are catching up on Tivo!  It is awesome just sitting on the couch together and doing nothing.  It seems like forever since we have done that!!

It's been a good day!
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On Death and Dying

So...  the father of a friend of mine is being buried today.  

It is always a shock when something like this hits so near to home.  Someone who is essentially 'well'.. and the next day life is changed forever.  You would think that in my line of work that I would get used to it, but for some reason it just always seems so amazing.  I would actually say that I have gotten more neurotic since transferring to the ICU.  Now I know how often it is that someone experiences an unexpected episode that leaves them either dead, vegetated or in some way altered permanently. 

I would have to say that my biggest fear in this area is of T dying... closely followed by my parents.  I check T to see if she is breathing more frequently than I care to admit.  I just wish she was a louder sleeper!!  ; )  I feel very guilty about not getting home to visit my parents more often.  My dad is just about the age that my grandfather was when he died of a heart attack.  I keep telling myself that I can't afford to make the trip home, and that once I get on top of my finances then I will be able to visit more often and perhaps get a vacation place closer to home.  

One always thinks that they will have time later though.  I just hope I don't leave it too late.
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Resolutions: Week 3 review

1. Lose 30 lbs.
I have gone down another 1lb this week.  That makes it 7lbs so far for the year, which I am happy with.

2. Improve my financial standing. (Lets say: Reduce debt by $2000)
I am not doing well here, and am going to have to focus on this area in the upcoming weeks.

3. Keep up with my journal and food diary - at least on a weekly basis.
I am happy with how I am doing here.  I have been doing my food diary on a daily basis, and have blogged at least 3 times a week.

4. Organize 3 rooms in the house in the next 6 months.
Well I have made good progress with this this week.  T and I cleaned out the study this past weekend, and threw out just a ton of stuff, as well as a trip to the Goodwill.  I have uncovered a storage problem with my pictures and books... but I will save that battle for another day!!

5. Get 2 adult furniture pieces. 
I am halfway there already. Awesome, eh!!  ; )

So I would give myself an overall B-!!  Just need to work on #2... AGAIN!!


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I am so amazed!  I got flexed from work tonight for 4 hrs.  How often does that happen!!  Well I will tell you... Almost never!!   I was dreading going in.  It is cold outside and it's the beginning of my 3 day stretch.  So I got showered, got back into my jammies, and went down to watch TV.  Good times!  Now all I have to do is wait and see if I have to go in at 11pm.  I fear that I will have to, but 8hrs will rush by in no time compared to 12!  ; ) 
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Mission Accomplished!

So we just finished the study!  We had totally more junk than I anticipated... but after filling one and a half garbage cans things are looking a lot better!  I got all my craft and office stuff loaded into the closet.  All the junk is off the furniture and ready for the desks to show up.  The house has been cleaned and vacuumed.  I feel LOADS better!!

The only thing is that I have uncovered two problem areas.  First of all, we have too many books - or not enough shelf space.  I am thinking a little bit of both there.  Second of all, we really really need to go through our pictures.  They are in a crazy mess in three piles up to my thigh in the back bedroom.  I cringe when I think of them.

Ah well, another battle for another day!!

For today I feel GREAT!   ... oh and my new hutch looks very awesome-like!

I will have to post pictures when I get the desks put in there.  ; )
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Resolutions: Week 2 review

Ok.. so week two saw some progress, and some back sliding.

1. Lose 30 lbs.
I have lost another 3.5lbs this week.  I am happy with that... but in true 'me' fashion... I am dreading the inevitable slow down of progress.  BUT... for now... Yeah!!

2. Improve my financial standing. (Lets say: Reduce debt by $2000)
Yeah... not so much luck here.  I am hoping to make more progress next month when I can likely do some overtime.

3. Keep up with my journal and food diary - at least on a weekly basis.
I have done well with this I think.  Even if I do have to go back and fill it in.  At least it is getting done!!

4. Organize 3 rooms in the house in the next 6 months.
Not so much luck with this so far, but I am getting ready to get started on the study today.  I have to get this done before the desks arrive in the next week and a half.

5. Get 2 adult furniture pieces. 
I got my file/hutch and it looks awesome.  I was going to use the top shelf for my fairies and other cool stuff.  I will have to take a picture when I am done.

So far though I am VERY happy with how I have done.  Now to get working on No. 2!!  ; )

Did I mention that it is freezing here today??

Early in the morning...

So I have been awake since 4:30am, and up since 5:30am.  I am really starting to think that I might be developing an anxiety disorder!  I woke up and immediately started thinking about finances, furniture, home organization.. and ironically my wedding!  

How odd is that.  It just doesn't make sense that I am still thinking about that.  I realized before we got married that it was going to be very small, and because I was putting it together - probably fairly disorganized!  I feel bad that it was so cramped, that it was so late, that it was indoors, that it had impersonal vows, that I only wore a sundress (and didn't look that good in it), that there were not a lot of pictures of the ceremony (though quite a lot considering that it took less that 10 minutes!)... then at the reception that I didn't get a picture of the buffet table, that it didn't start on time, that I got upset over mom not getting there, that the drinks went missing, that I forgot to tell everyone that the hall we got at the last minute was alcohol-less after telling them BYOB, that the kids were relegated to the closet, that I made sucky speeches, that I didn't get to spend more time with my friends... then that I didn't get my thank you cards out sooner... Arrrgh!  I suppose that it might be normal to have some regrets, but I would venture that its not normal to be stressing about them 6 months after it has happened and is over with.


It's no wonder I can't sleep.  Maybe I should take up yoga... or meditation or something.

Or, maybe by writing it down here I will somehow vent it and be able to let it go.
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