I am falling apart.

So I get a message from my doctor that I have hypothyroidism and that I need to go on Synthroid (hormone replacement).  Also that my cholesterol has jumped up from 170 to 231, and that it may be related to the hypothyroidism.  I feel so old!  Like my body is breaking down. 
I know that there is nothing that I did to cause the hypothyroidism, and that it is relatively quite common... but that is for other people!  I feel like my body has betrayed me.

I guess that I am mostly upset because this will mean daily medication for the rest of my life in the case that it is a long term affliction... which it usually is.

I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism to see if I had any of them...
1. Poor muscle tone   *not really*
2. Fatigue  *I have been feeling unusually craptastic as of late.. but I was kinda chalking that up to the January blahs.*
3. Cold Intolerance  *um... duh.  No change there*  
4. Constipation.  *I had this a few months back... not so much now.  I know, I know.. TMI.  But this is MY blog!!  :P*
5. Weight gain.  *I have gained about 20lbs since the wedding... but I was also eating more!  lol*
6. Muscle cramps and joint pain.  *I have been having more of this... but I chalked it up to muscle pulls at work - and I still think so!*
7. Brittle fingernails.  *no more than usual*
8. Thin brittle hair.  *not per se*
9.  Paleness.  *um... I am a white chick who works the night shift!!*

... and less often

10. Heat intolerance  *not really*
11. Impaired memory  *all my life*
12. Impaired cognitive function/ inattentiveness  *um... yeah... *hangs head**
13. Hives *no*
14. Migraines  *not to speak of*
15. Slow heart rate, and cardiac output.  *no, and not of last May*
16. Post-prandial hypoglycemia  *no idea... but I don't think so.  All my blood sugar tests have been fine*
17. Pericardial effusions.  *Not as of last May*
18. Sluggish reflexes.  *Actually I would have to classify myself as hyper reflexive*
19. Hair loss.  *not more than normal*
20. Anemia  *no*
21. Anxiety/Panic attacks.  *actually yes... *
22. Difficulty swallowing  *hrmm... again, occasionally, yes*
23. Shortness of breath with a shallow and slow respiratory pattern.  *no*
24. Impaired ventilatory responses to hypercapnia and hypoxia.  *not tested.. obviously!*
25. Increased need for sleep.  *slightly ... perhaps*
26. Irritability and mood instability.  *ahh... I am very moody these days*
27. Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.  *not sure*
28.  Yellowing of the skin due to impaired conversion of beta-carotene to Vit A  *no*
29. Impaired renal function with decreased GFR.  *not sure about the GFR, but I believe my B/Cr is normal*
30. Thin, fragile or absent cuticles.  *no*
31. Elevated serum cholesterol  *yes*
32. Acute psychosis  *NO!!... though T might disagree! ; )*
33. Decreased libido  *Heh... slightly... but its sure not gone!  I thought this was from fatigue*
34. Decreased sense of taste and smell.  *no*
35. Puffy face hands and feet  *NO!  I am just big boned!!  :P*

Ok... that was either kinda scary, or I am just seeing these 'everyday problems' in hind sight.  All I know is that my TSH is 6.1, and it is supposed to be less than 5.5.  Last time it was checked (5-4-7) it was 3.09.   It is still not all that elevated, but I am not sure what you normally see with elevated TSHs. They did not do a T3, T4, or FreeT4, and at my last go around they were normal.  Course they could be normal now and I would still have hypothyroidism because the fact is that my body is releasing more Thyroid Stimulating Hormone to keep those hypothetical numbers normal (compensated).  I can't say that I am completely convinced yet, but I guess I will try out the meds and will get my hormone levels retested in 3 months.

So my question now is... how do you remember how to take a daily med 30min before first meal when your daily schedule keeps changing... and you have a bad memory!

It snowed in Atlanta!

HA!!  We had a couple of hours of quality snow here in Atlanta last night.  Course I missed most of it because I had to go to work... but as soon as I was a mile from home it started to flurry!  It reminded me of home!  In contrast to home they actually closed all the schools the night before before a snowflake hit the air.  Its funny to think that the mere THOUGHT of snow can shut down a city!

I only wish I could have been at home to enjoy it. 

In ode to snow, I am going to post one of my pictures taken last year when it snowed back home.  Dad was in the back yard in his sun hat looking for the snow plow which was buried under multiple feet of slow!  It was hilarious! 

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A productive day!

 So I finally took down the Christmas Decorations!  I know it should have been done a couple of weeks ago.  At least I didn't have the lights still on!  So, not only did I get them all down, I also cleaned the downstairs and did the dishes and did a couple of loads of laundry!  Our new filing cabinet/hutch came today too!  I am so excited!  Now, all I have to do is actually clean out the study so I can put it in place and get it loaded!!

It was nice to have a productive day.  I have been feeling so listless lately.  I feel badly because T has been taking up a lot of the slack... AND has taken up weight training!  I am in awe of her.  I should do the same.  

But not today!  ; )

Here is what the file/hutch looks like btw!

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Resolutions: Week 1 review

Well.. I have made it to the end of one week after setting my resolutions.  I have managed to lose 2.5lbs *yeah*, keep up with my journaling and food diary, and buy 1 piece of furniture.  I have not done all that well with my financial issues because I bought a piece of furniture.  Actually my main problem is that I have also found 3 more pieces of furniture that I am seriously considering buying... and this is going to make me loose ground with my financial goal!!  lol  I am finding that I am just impatient and want to do everything at once, when what I probably need to do is plan and pace myself.  That little voice in my head keeps telling me that 'the desks are on sale... who knows if they will be later..', but I know that if I get them on sale now and put them on plastic, then the interest I would have to pay would probably surpass what I would save if I just bought them later at retail price.


See??  It's like dealing with a child!!  lol

Anyways, back to my resolutions... lol.  I feel that I was for the most part pretty successful.  What I need to do now is just focus on cleaning and organizing the study *No... I haven't started that yet!*... so that when my furniture gets here on wednesday I can put it in immediately!

That should keep me busy for a while... AND tare of that pesky organizational resolution!!

It is not a good day.

I am really not in a good mood today.  

Yesterday I called my doctors office to see why I had an appointment today.... cause they never really told me when I set it.  They said it was for a three month check up.  I asked them what for, bloodwork?  (I am on a med that can damage your liver)  They said yeah.  So, I figured that that was why they needed to see me, and I let the appointment stand.  I had a totally obnoxious night at work and then sat outside the doctors office for 45 minutes waiting for my appointment time.  I got in there and they asked me why I was there.  I could have screamed.  The doc checked me out, and then said that he had to code the visit somehow so it would justify the lab work that I wanted done.  Are you shitting me?  I didn't want lab work done.  I wanted to be in bed!


So when I left the receptionist asked me if the doc had told me when he wanted to see me next.  I said that he had not.  So, she said that he would probably want a three month check up.  It was all I could do not to throw something at her.  Needless to say that I do NOT have a follow up appointment set up at this time..

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Cloudy Days...

Man... I just don't wanna do anything today!  I got out of bed 2.5 hrs late... and I am already considering going back!  I feel draggy... lethargic.  I think part of the problem is that I have all my fun things up to date!  Now all I have left to do is cleaning... and I am just not feeling it.

It is overcast... quiet... a little cool.  My bed is just calling to me.

I have to go to work tonight, so not much to look forward to at this point.

My brain is just refusing to think about anything else.

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Music moves the soul...

Do you have music that whenever you hear it you are absolutely driven to sing with your whole soul??  I am not necessarily saying that you necessarily feeling the emotions that are being described... but that for whatever reason the songs speak to you?  Perhaps you just like the music, or the beat, or the words... or the video... I dunno.

I have that feeling about a number of songs... and a couple of discs.

1. Remember Me - Mark Shultz
2. Legacy - Nicole Nordeman
3. I can't make you love me - Bonnie Raitt 
4. Who Knew - Pink
5. Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan
6. Where do Broken Hears go - Whitney Houston
7. Dark Horse - Amanda Marshall
8. Broken - Seether with Amy Lee
9. True Colors - Cyndi Lauper
10. Stand my Ground - Within Temptation

...  and pretty much the whole Meteora disc by Linkin Park.

I am sure there are many others... I sing a lot!  I am just not sure why these songs.  Most of them have a message of love lost or of personal inability to connect.  Now I would like to make it clear that T and I are VERY happy.. lol.  So, is it that people write better songs when they are in pain... or that I am just attracted to those songs for some reason.  T tends to be concerned when I spend too much time listening to these songs... but WE are good!  I just like the songs. 

That is a lot to ponder!!


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Fun Trivia

I have been recently dragged into doing these daily trivia games by my beloved... mostly because she is trying to get a team going.  I SUCK at trivia games, but for some reason I have been very intrigued by this program.  It is competitive and I don't like that part, but it is also a game I can do while I am procrastinating... and I spend a lot of time doing that!  I have found it very interesting.  You can hunt out games that you may actually know some of the answers.

I am finding it rather illuminating.  

If you go to the site and want to look me up... just search for Karysma1.  The website is www.funtrivia.com

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Food Diary

Well today is the day!  I have to put an end to the madness!!  :P

Today I start counting my calories and start being accountable for the food choices I am making.  As always the hardest thing is actually going to be drinking enough water.  I hope to start adding some exercise in a couple of weeks.

You can see that I have changed my avatar to reflect the strength that I am going to have to keep my paws off of all those sugary foods out there.  I specifically am going to have to make a concerted effort to stay away from the candy machines at work, and to not stop at Chick-fil-a on the way home.  It has certainly helped that they have raised the cost of the snacks in the machines this week!!

T as always is a machine and I am with no doubt grateful that she is in charge of the grocery shopping and food prep.  I will endeavor to keep her as an encouragement, and not compare myself to her.

Good Luck to me!!
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 My resolutions remain much the same as they usually are... with a couple of exceptions.

As always I want to lose weight.  Duh, eh??  :P  I want to feel more in control of my finances.  Increase my 'have' in reflection to my... er... 'have not'!  Most of all I want to stop making decisions that are based on the intent to pay for it later.  I have consistently proven that I am incapable of getting around to things in a timely manor!!  I want to try and keep up with my food diary, and journaling here.  I find it empowering and it gives me time to sit and take inventory on how I am doing.  I want to finally get around to organizing my environment.  I know that it has a huge impact on my stress level, and ultimately it will help me function better on a day to day basis.  My goal here is to take one room at a time... hopefully one a month and finally get it done!  I want to finally get some adult furniture.  Perhaps only a few pieces... but it will help the house feel less like some dorm room!

So to review...
1. Lose 30 lbs
2. Improve my financial standing. (Lets say: Reduce debt by $2000)
3. Keep up with my journal and food diary - at least on a weekly basis.
4. Organize 3 rooms in the house in the next 6 months.
5. Get 2 adult furniture pieces. 

I reserve the right to alter, adjust, add to resolutions as I see fit!  :P
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